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Terms and Conditions

1. General terms

1.1 All services offered by the company are in good faith. In the case of any unforeseen technical issues or complicating and unexpected circumstances, the order may take longer to carry out or may become impossible to carry out altogether. The company is financially liable for any losses, including those caused by failure to provide ervices, though only in the framework of the services paid for.

1.2 If services are not provided due to emergency circumstances, the company is not responsible.

1.3 The service of data backup is not offered by default: the client is the sole person responsible for the safety of their data in unforeseen circumstances. The client is obliged to use the ticket system on the website to resolve questions or issues: all other sources of communication (chat, jabber, Skype, etc.) are considered supplementary.

1.4 Claims regarding untimely responses with the aforementioned sources will not be considered. It is forbidden to distribute resources and conduct activity considered illegal in the countries where the servers or hosting are physically located.

1.5 Phishing, scam and any kind of network attacks are prohibited. To avoid misunderstanding contact us in livechat before submitting your order.

1.6 When making any kind of arrangement with the company, the client is considered to be familiar with the terms of conditions of the company’s services and is obligated to follow them.

2. Registration and maintenance of domain names

2.1 Upon registration of domain names, the company reserves the right to present its contact information to administrators of WHOIS domain services. A written notification, as well as an ID document must be presented by the client to edit this contact information.

2.2 To refer a domain to other registrars for maintenance, a query should be submitted no later than 14 days before the termination of this domain’s delegation term.

2.3 Domain registration and maintenance can be terminated due to submission of false contact information or failure to provide contact information on demand.

2.4 Domain registration and maintenance can be terminated if the client refuses the registration/domain extension service, along with cases of domain transfer and annulment of domain registration, including court-authorized action.

3. Termination of services

The company reserves the right to terminate services offered to the client without monetary compensation in the following cases:

1 Violation of these rules and conditions.

2 DOS and DDOS attacks on client resources not protected by the “Anti-DDOS” system.

3 Activities (hacking, attack, etc.) aimed at unsanctioned disruption of the company servers’ operation or aimed at discrediting the company. This includes court decisions and cases provided for in legislation.

4. Monetary compensation

4.1 In cases where server or hosting rental is refused within a week after payment, 20% of the payment total is deducted for the installation of a server (without discounts or promotions). As an example, we can use a server with anti-DDOS protection purchased for $450 (the standard, non-promotion price equals $500). In the case of a refusal within a week’s time, the compensation will total $450$—(500*20%) = $350.

4.2 Upon denial of domain registration or transfer, as well as any accompanying services (data protection, DNS, etc.), the payment is not compensated.

4.3 If an order is annulled due to violation of these rules, funds spent are not compensated.

4.4 If there is a lack of a technical ability to provide a paid-for service, the client’s funds can be returned within 10 calendar days if he requests it.

4.5 Compensation of funds takes place within a 10 calendar day term by Webmoney (WMZ) only.

5. Information Submission

5.1 The client is obligated to submit accurate and truthful information in the quantity necessary for the requested services to be provided.

5.2 The client’s personal information is not shared with third persons, except in cases specified in the law of countries where the servers are physically located.

6. The company’s responsibilities before third persons

The company bears no responsibility for the utilization of domains registered with its help, as well as the content of any materials posted under sites with these domains or sites hosted by company servers.

7. The relevance of the agreement

These rules and conditions are not considered final and may be changed and supplemented.

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