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Become a partner today and start making a profit as soon as tomorrow!

Advantages of our partnership

  1. Upon registering for our partners’ program, we immediately transfer a 25$ bonus to your account.
  2. High profit margins. You will receive up to 20% from each payment made by your referrals. The “average lifespan” of our clients is over half a year.
  3. High commission rates. You can receive more than 200$ from a single referral every month for some orders.
  4. We have the best prices and service quality on the market, so you will easily manage to attract new referrals.

How does the partner program work?

  1. Every visitor who accesses our site via your partner’s link receives cookies for a 6-month period. If he makes a purchase during this period, you will receive interest from their purchases.
  2. Bonuses are transferred when making a payment for any service and they accumulate in your partner’s account.
  3. These bonuses can then be used to pay for our services as well as transferred to an account in the Webmoney system or Bitcoin.
  4. No minimum amount for using services. For withdrawal – $50.

Scope of partners’ bonuses


Number of referrals Profit from orders
 from 1 to 3 5%
from 4 to 7 10%
from 7 to 14 15%
15 > 20%


Furthermore, if you use our hosting service, you will receive a free month bonus for the first client you bring in!

The bare facts

  1. There are 70 active users currently participating in our partner program.
  2. The average number of clients referred per partner is 6 people.
  3. Over $16,000 in profits have currently been made with the partner program.

Get a $25 registration bonus and start earning money with Bulletproof Web!

Working with Bulletproof Web is a flawless path towards financial success!

New business opportunities

Owners of hosting companies who wish to expand their variety of services offered have the chance to do this with our VPS/VDS and external servers. We offer mutually-beneficial cooperation that will allow you to profit without worrying about or spending money and time on hardware, tech support payments, etc., as all of this will be done for you.

What do we offer?

The conditions of this cooperation entail selling our servers to you for a price that suits you and under your brand name. Thus, you determine your level of profit yourself. You will be able to sell VPS and servers in a selected configuration or according to the wishes of the client by choosing a setup that fits his demands, or to leave this to us. We can offer immediate and effective consultation to you or your client. Subsequently, after receiving an order, you will receive payment from a client, pay us our share, and the rest will be up to us. We will present the server, install software, configure it to suit the client’s preferences, etc., essentially doing all the necessary work and cooperating with the client in the future, without wasting your time and helping you earn a profit.

Specifics only

Our fee is calculated by taking the price of the given configuration on the website and subtracting your partner’s discount, which is determined by the number of servers you purchase and the length of our partnership. The discount is calculated according to the following table.

Number of servers 5 from 5 to 15 15 >
Discount per server 10% 15% 20%
Discount for cooperation exceeding 1 year in length* 15% 20% 25%

* implies the term of cooperation with the number of active servers exceeding the minimum specified here

As you can see, we are interested in long-term fruitful cooperation. We are proud to offer:
* our name and reputation, our experience in this market;
* reliable relations and refined methods of cooperation with data centers;
* guaranteed compliance with the rules and conditions of our service agreement.

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